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What do you know about losing weight?  Many people are looking for the best dietary supplements to help with the battle of the bulge, but taking slimming supplements are not going to solve the problem on its own.  In order to lose weight you need a combination of proper diet and exercise along with taking a proper supplement.  In this category you'll find the best dietary supplements to help you along your journey to a fitter you. 

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of slimming supplements out there that claim to be the “it” drug to help but many that are not founded on actual scientific evidence but rather who is endorsing it.  For some reason a celebrity on TV talking about the best dietary supplements that will shrink your waist size with no diet or exercise is something that millions will believe.  If someone is telling you that you can lose weight by just taking slimming supplements and doing everything else the same, run and run fast.  It’s a lie.  If all we had to do were take slimming supplements to get skinny this country would not be as obese as it is.

It’s not all about vanity either.  You need to lose the excess weight for your health.  Here are just some reasons why dropping those extra pounds can really change the course of your life:

·        Your cancer risk will drop, especially in women.  Fat causes an increase in estrogen which is a hormone that in excess is linked to breast and endometrial cancer

·        Your risk of developing dementia drops significantly.  The size of your belly actually has a lot to do with it.

·        Your heart is much healthier without the excess weight.  People who are in a healthy weight range on average live about 12 years longer than someone who is overweight.

·        You will be happier!  There was a study done on that found that women with a healthy BMI had a 6.5% average of being depressed whereas the women with the unhealthy BMI had an average of 25% with depression.

·        You won’t pee yourself.  Sounds silly but its true!  With obesity the risk of having pelvic floor problems such as incontinence increases by more than double!

·        Your joints will feel so much better.  Along with increased weight comes a big increase in your chances to develop arthritis.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to move around and get up and down without any discomfort or pain?

These are just a few of the reasons to get rid of that extra fluff and get healthy.  We are here to help make that transition a bit easier by providing you the best dietary supplements to meet your goals.  We will help you weed through the fat and get to the truth about what really works and what is just hype. 

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