Vitamins and Herbal Supplements are the most widely used products in the supplement industry.  Just over the past few years there has been enormous growth in this category not only by avid fitness enthusiasts, but with the general public.  More and more health concerns have been plaguing the world and people are becoming aware more than ever on what they are putting into their bodies.  The most import thing to remember is that these vitamins and herbal supplements are intended to be used along with proper nutrition, diet and exercise.  Unfortunately with the lifestyle we live it is almost impossible to get all of the proper nutrients from food, that’s where we come in!  If you can’t get all the vitamins, minerals and other from the food you eat then supplementing with a product in this category can help. Check out PharmaFreak Vita Freak 30 Packet, for more great products!

Here’s a brief overview on the sub-categories you will find in the Vitamins and Herbal Supplements section.

Herbal Teas:  The teas found in this section are not your run of the mill tea grandma used to make.  Each of these teas will have a certain purpose such as decreasing water retention, calming your nerves or offering detox properties.

Energy Supplements:  This category focuses on supplements that will increase your energy.  Most of them are caffeine based and either come in pill or liquid form.  So instead of consuming coffee which contains the most impure caffeine available, try something like Amino Energy.  The Caffeine quality is much better and you won’t get the crash like coffee gives you.

Essential Oils:  Here is an interesting herbal category.  Essential oils can provide many different health benefits.  Many of the oils can be used directly or they can be combined with a carrier oil to aide in topical applications. This is one category you really want to take a look at.

Herbs: Herbal Supplements have been used for centuries to treat diseases, improve overall health and provide some relaxation too!

Minerals: Here you can find your macro minerals along with trace minerals.  Macros are the ones your body needs larger amounts of and trace being the opposite.

Vitamins:  They can provide the missing nutrients your body needs to maintain proper functions.  From Vitamin A and Vitamin D to your multi vitamins, they all can be found here.

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