Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements

Are you looking for the top trending preworkout supplements?  If so then look no further.  We have compiled the top 5 pre-workout supplements that have been the most popular in recent weeks.  If you are new to these type of supplements this is a great place to start.  Not only will you be able to see first hand what the top pre-workouts are, but we will explain why.  Some of these will range with exteme stimulant based formulas and others will be a combination of ingredients giving you a great pump and tons of focus.  


5 Percent Nutrition Kill It5 Percent Nutrition Kill It

Kill It makes number one this month.  Even though it's relativly new to our catalog, this pre-workout has been "Killing It" so to speak.  It gives great energy(not over the top), nice focus and awesome pumps.  This formula is spot on and if you are not paying attention to the time, your workout can go on for hours.  If you haven't tried this yet we suggest you do, you won't be disappointed!




German American Technologies Nitraflex

Nitraflex makes number two on the list. This pre-workout is very similar to the Kill It, but has is a little less in the stimulant department as it provides a clean energy. The pumps are amazing and the focus is great too. It's a little more expensive compared to most others on the market, but well worth the price.




Purus Labs NoxygenPurus Labs Noxygen 

Number three is classified as a pre-workout, but it's a bit different. This one is designed to be stacked with any pre-workout on the market.  It can be taken by itself for those who don't want to use a stimulant before training or doing cardio.  Noxygen gives great pumps and increases endurance as well.




ON Amino EnergyOptimum Nutrition Essential AmiNO Energy

At number 4 and having been on the market for so many years, you can't go wrong with ON's Amino Energy.  It's a simple formula containing a blend of aminos and caffeine.  It's the quality of the caffeine that make this so great.  The energy it provides is extremely clean and you won't suffer from a hard crash when it wears off, unlike coffee which contains the crapiest caffeine out there.  This pre-workout is popular with both men and women in any age range.



Chaos and Pain Cannibal FeroxChaos and Pain Cannibal Ferox

Ferox is coming at number 5 for this month.  It contains a great combination of ingredients that give you amazing focus, vein splitting pumps, and great endurance.  The energy it gives you lasts for hours without a crash at the end.  The noopept keeps your brain functioning at peak levels and everything seems very clear all day long.  Even though its a great pre-workout supplement you can use this product any time you need a pick-me-up or mental focus.


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