runnin wild foods

runnin wild foods

Nothing says 'Giddy up!' like a great meal. And there's only one sure-fire way to accomplish that. Runnin' Wild meat rubs and seasonings. There's nothing else on the planet like it. Oh, you can look, but you won't ever wrestle up real, authentic smokehouse flavor like this. Nowhere. No how. So start clickin' and hang on for a real rodeo of flavor.

There’s a place not too far away where the buffalo still roam and the llamas and the camels still play. Where longhorns graze free and zebras run with wild abandon across open pastures. Blue sky and green rolling hills stretch out as far as the eye can see. This is where it all started. The Runnin Wild ranch. It’s over 260 acres of majestic farmland that turned one young buck into a true trailblazer who tackles everything in life with gusto. That’s our founder. His non-stop ‘go for it’ attitude helped him forge an amazing company dedicated to creating quality products that people crave. He named the company Runnin Wild. But it’s more than just a name. It’s our motto—a big, bold philosophy we incorporate into everything we do.

Just like the exotic animals that run wild on our ranch, we don’t let anything hold us back from running after our dreams. We constantly strive to be the best. That’s why our products are made with the finest ingredients we can get our mitts on. We never settle. We never cut corners. And it shows. Every one of our Runnin Wild products can kick the pants off anything else out there. One taste and you’ll know it’s the real deal. Runnin Wild foods are brimming with rich, full-flavored, premium spices.

We never use any fake fillers in our products and there’s not a trace of MSG in our seasonings or rubs. We select only pure, honest-to-goodness ingredients made in the greatest country in the world—America. And we’re darn proud of it. Don’t let our loose lingo fool you. We’re a hard-working, dedicated company that’s serious about what we do. We love making folks happy. So nothin’ pleases us more than seeing good friends gather around a grill to enjoy a great meal drippin’ with flavor. Enough about us. Get out there and cook up a nice, juicy story of your own with Runnin Wild. And let everyone know you live life well done.

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