Post Workout

Lets talk a bit about the post workout period.   You’re lifting weights in hopes of building up your muscles, but did you know that immediately following your intense lifting session your muscles actually have gotten small microscopic tears in the fibers and connective tissues.  These tears are actually going to heal up and help you to get stronger and have more gains in the process but for now you are just going to feel sore. 

The soreness is something that can last up to a week and may possibly even interfere with your next workout.  To try and decrease this soreness and recover your muscles faster it is important to make sure you have proper post workout nutrition in line.  You can do this by eating the proper foods and taking the right recovery supplements or post workout recovery supplements to help with the healing process.

Ideally you need to start replenishing your muscles within 30 minutes of your workout so that your body can get into recovery mode faster.  The quickest way to do this is with protein post workout recovery supplements. A protein shake can digest and get to your muscles much quicker than solid food and because your muscles need to start the recovery period as soon as possible after an intense workout this is by far the best way. 

There are many different protein post workout recovery supplements to choose from and most people will go with a whey protein isolate after a workout.  This is because isolates are the fastest absorbing proteins out there.  It is absorbed into the muscle with the nutrients it needs within 30 min.

Along with protein you should also be taking in amino acids.  Glutamine is one of twenty amino acids in our body and it is in fact the most abundant of them and mainly found in the skeletal muscles.  It is considered an essential amino acid.  Basically that just means that it is “essential” that we consume it because our body does not produce enough of it to withstand extreme circumstances such as intense workouts. Glutamine has also been shown to help with some medical conditions such as wound healing, Cancer, HIV/AIDS and inflammatory bowel disease.   Glutamine is needed to help with healing your muscles and increase your gains by helping your body to maintain a positive nitrogen balance.  When you take glutamine after your workout the nitrogen rushes to the site of the muscle injury helping with the healing process.  If your body is lacking glutamine and it is not being replaced then muscle recovery will not happen.  If muscle recovery cannot properly take place you will not get stronger or have any gains. 

Basically the moral of the story is to make sure you fuel your body not only before a workout so you can make it through.  But post workout fueling is just as important if not even more!  You don’t want all your hard work to be for nothing.   Whey protein and glutamine are just two of the supplements that will help you in your recovery. 

Take your post workout period seriously and give your body what it needs!

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