Olympus Labs Sup3r-19, 60 capsule

Olympus Labs Sup3r-19, 60 capsule
Brand: Olympus Labs
Product Code: OL-S19-001
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Olympus Labs Sup3r-19, 60 capsule


Olympus Labs Sup3r-19 consists of one single, powerful ingredient called 19-NorAndro. Olympus Labs Sup3r-19 is the highest dosed 19-Nor product available on the market, providing 110mg per serving. 19-NorAndro is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA in the human body, and is a great component of any cycle that has the goal of increasing strength and mass. It does not directly convert into estrogen, which allows for relatively dry gains depending on how it is used. The strength of Sup3r 19 is also enhanced by the addition of our proven S-SEDDs delivery system for increased bioavailability.

• Non-methylated therefore not highly hepatotoxic
• Increases Size/Muscle Mass (Increased Nitrogen Retention)
• Increases Strength & Recovery
• Excellent for Bulking/Recomping/Cutting
• Excellent Stacker and versatile
• May help reduce joint pain
• Absorption enhancement for increase bioavailability
• Very low likelihood of unwanted androgenic side effects(I,e. Hair loss, acne, and prostate enlargement)1

Directions: 19 Nor Andro is most commonly used a stacking compound but if used solo a longer cycle length is recommended. Our beginning recommendation for a solo cycle is 6-8 weeks.


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1: Individual results may vary. Reviews are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results.


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