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Muscle Gain Supplements have evolved tremendously over the years. These supplements are designed to effectively assist in building muscle and gaining body weight. This section contains a variety of different supplements to help build muscle.

You will find weight gainers in this section that are designed to help increase your calories per day.  These muscle gain supplements are generally a meal supplement and shouldn’t be solely used for your diet.  By consuming an extra 500 to 1000 calories of quality protein and carbohydrates you will be able to add that extra muscle mass.  Weight Gainer Supplements can also be used by the elderly that need to get in those extra calories too.  By taking a portion of the recommended serving size, you will be able to take in 200-300 calories without taxing your digestive system.  Most individuals, from our experience, will benefit greatly by splitting up the serving size too.  Ingesting 1000 calories in one sitting will leave you feeling lethargic and your body simply cannot process that many grams of protein in one hour.  Now if you divide that serving up throughout the day, not only will you have more energy you will also be able to process more of the protein and utilize that to help build muscle.  Now everyone’s goals are different, but if you are looking to put on lean muscle without too much extra fat this would be the way to go.

Also our fitness supplements online section has testosterone boosters. These can range from natural herbal supplements to pro-hormones.  Most of the natural testosterone boosting supplements are safe to use and help men and even women to increase their testosterone levels.  The levels won’t drastically increase, but they will increase enough to notice a difference in sex drive, recovery and even fat loss.  Pro-hormones, what is left of them, are designed to increase your testosterone levels more dramatically.  There are some side effects when taking pro-hormones so please do your research before you plan on taking these.  A proper post cycle and on cycle support system must be in place and these are designed to be taken only for a short duration of one month. 

Our fitness supplements online also includes some creatine and other muscle building supplements that will aid in weight gain.  Creatine will help build muscle and strength.  L-Glutamine will help repair muscle, which in a sense, will help you gain muscle.   There are also some post-workout supplements included here that will help repair and grow lean muscle tissue. These fitness supplements online consist mainly of glutamine, creatine, carbohydrates, aminos and some protein.

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