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Herbal Mood Enhancers

Mood enhancers are specifically designed to help elevate mood and improve overall well-being.  Whether you are stressed out from work or looking to relax a little these herbal supplements will help you achieve just that.  These natural mood stabilizers are designed to help people cope with everyday stress.  The mood enhancers and natural mood stabilizers are a perfect alternative to illegal drugs and alcohol as they will not leave you feeling hungover the next day or even a few hours later.    

The more potent natural mood stabilizers will consist of a few key ingredients such as 5 HTP, GABA and Phenibut.  When these three chemicals are combined together to make mood enhancer pills, they will significantly reduce anxiety levels and improve overall mood. Since these are relaxing compounds you might find yourself with a little less energy.  To combat this try taking 100 – 200mg of caffeine to boost energy levels.  Some products already contain the caffeine such as Red Dawn’s Sleep Walker, so be careful and read the labels closely.  Here is a brief rundown of the key ingredients.

5-Hydroxtrytophan (5-HTP): These mood enhancers help the brain produce and synthesize more serotonin, the chemical responsible for mood, appetite and sleep.  5-HTP taken at 300mg daily can help reduce anxiety levels.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA):  This is a chemical that is made in the brain and helps reduce anxiety and may also improve mood.  Studies have shown GABA to be a natural relaxant as well especially during stressful situations.  When combined with 5-HTP and taken before bed, you can expect to have a deeper more restful sleep.

Phenibut:  This chemical is very similar to GABA and has similar calming effects.  Phenibut is known to relieve fear, anxiety and tension and has also been used to help treat depression.  The recommended dosage is between 250mg and 1000mg, but you should always start with a lower dose to assess your tolerance.    

Clinically proven herbal formulas can be found in Supplement Central's natural mood enhancer pills.

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