In addition to supplements to aide in your diet we offer many pre workout snacks, pre workout nutrition foods, and all the post workout recovery foods to either offer an option for your in-between meal or to replace one or two of your wholefood meals completely.  Once again these pre workout snacks and pre workout nutrition supplements are designed to assist your total nutrition needs and shouldn’t be used to completely replace whole food.  Depending on your fitness goals you might be interested in low carb snacks or protein bars or maybe you’re a cyclist who needs those extra carbs to boost your endurance.  Below is a breakdown of the sub-categories you will find in pre workout snacks, post workout snacks, pre workout nutrition, and post workout nutrition.

Bars:  Protein bars and snack bars are what you will find here.  These can range from high protein, high carb, 50/50 ratios and even low calorie.  We are sure you will find the perfect bar for your diet here.

Drinks/RTD’s: When you are tired of mixing powder in a shaker or cup, this category is for you!  Many of the protein supplements on the market are available in a RTD (Ready to Drink) which adds to the convenience factor.

Greens Foods/Super Foods: Here you will find a vast array of supplements that either come in pills or powders.  They contain a very high concentration of the vitamins and minerals you would normally get from fruits and vegetables.  Some of these are derived from all organic origins giving you that extra added health benefit.

MRP’s: Meal Replacement Powders are designed to replace one or two of your meals throughout the day.  Most MRP’s consist of Protein, Carbs and Vitamins to maintain proper nutrition levels.

Natural, Organic, Gluten Free:  This category has received a lot of attention recently.  All the chemicals and un-natural ingredients in foods have caused many health concerns.  Here you can continue to supplement your diet and keep the bad stuff out.

Snacks:  Why snack on crappy potato chips and ruin your diet when you can get something healthy to fight that craving urge.  Quest Nutrition and Kay’s Naturals make great alternatives to the potato chip and taste really good too!

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