Ready to Drink Shakes are some of the best protein drinks that are, as their name implies, ready to drink. Toss one in your briefcase, purse or gym bag for a boost of protein wherever you may be. RTDs are also great meal replacement drinks when you don't have time to prepare a real meal. They do not need to be mixed or manipulated. Both the meal replacement drinks, and our collection of the best protein drinks come in bottles, cans, and cartons. While most of these have a significant amount of protein, they differ widely in their fat and carbohydrate content.

We certainly would not recommend living on RTDs, but using them to make a healthy lifestyle easier makes a lot of sense. Don’t replace all regular meals with even the best protein drinks or meal replacement drinks, but if you are just too busy to make your own shakes or prepare all of your meals, the shakes on this list make good alternatives. As always, consistency and maintainability are key when it comes to being lean and fit.

In our Drinks/RTD section you will find energy drinks, the best protein drinks, meal replacement drinks, drinks for weight loss and of course they are all ready to drink. Below we will give you one great option for each just mentioned.

Our best pick for an all-around great protein RTD would be Pure Protein's 35g Shake. Protein is essential for optimal body function, strength, & lean muscle, and their delicious shakes are packed with 35 grams of protein plus an excellent source of calcium to help build strong bones. Because of the low carb and fat counts, this product makes getting your daily protein requirements easier while still allowing you to add food to make a “meal.”

Try Met-Rx Original Meal Replacement RTD for a Meal Replacement drink. This meal replacement drink has 40g of a complete protein blend; infused with Glutamine; plus Vitamins and Minerals! Stop skipping meals thinking you don’t have time to eat or hitting up a fast food chain only to find yourself putting more fat into your body than nutrients you actually need. These convenient cans can go with you anywhere!

Looking for a weight loss RTD, then check out VPX Sports Red Line RTD. This VPX breakthrough is the first physique-transforming matrix to coax your body to burn fat through the “shivering response.” it is a physiological fact that when you shiver, your body releases a large amount of stored body fat in an attempt to bring body temperature back to normal. The power of Redline does not stop there, as its radical combination of novel ingredients will also have you sweating up a thermogenic storm, and thus burning fat through yet another unique mechanism. With this 1-2 fat melting punch, Redline has rendered fat burners of the past obsolete!

For energy we have the ever so popular 50-Hour Energy and 5-Hour Energy extra strength in a 12 count container! 5-Hour Energy contains no sugar, no herbal stimulants and only as much caffeine as one cup of coffee. The active ingredients in 5-Hour Energy can be obtained in everyday foods, or is a nutrient your body makes naturally.

Check out all the best protein drinks and meal replacement drinks we have to offer in the RTD section. You will not be disappointed!

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