Over 100 million Americans have digestive problems. Most of us do not recognize or know that digestive problems wreak havoc over your entire body leading to many health problems. The entire digestive process is meant to help you absorb the nutrients from your foods so they can be used in your body to keep you healthy, energized and keep your gut healthy. Since your digestive tract houses more bacterial cells than the cells in your body, it’s pretty important that you feed it well. Otherwise, the unhealthy bacteria cells can proliferate and make us sick, leading to bad digestion, disease and even poor mood health.

When you think of digestive enzyme supplements, or digestive supplements as a whole that are needed for digestion, it’s likely that only one comes to mind...Fiber. Individuals who consume high fiber diets have much lower rates of constipation than individuals that eat a low fiber diet. Digestive enzyme supplements, and other digestive supplements such as fiber, can help to keep the digestive tract flowing, by keeping your bowel movements soft and regular. But can you get too much? Of course, you can get too much of anything. But you will know. When you eat too much fiber your digestive system may be overwhelmed and you will suffer from abdominal bloating, loose stools, passing of excessive gas or even diarrhea. You don’t want that, so keep an open mind and just eat as much fiber as you personally need to keep regular and enjoy a flat abdomen.

Having a healthy gut is extremely important your entire health, and nothing can help more than efficient digestive enzyme supplements and other digestive supplements. It is connected to everything that happens in your body. Even in a perfect world, our gut has a hard time keeping things balanced. But in our world there are many things that knock our digestive system off balance. Here are two important examples:

- Most Americans consume a low fiber, high sugar, processed food, nutrient poor, high calorie diet. All this wrong bacteria and yeast grow in the gut leading to a damaged digestive system.

- Overuse of medications that damage the gut or block normal digestive function – things like anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, acid blocking drugs, and steroids.

So what can you do to keep your gut healthy?

- Eat whole unprocessed foods with plenty of fiber: vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

- Cut out gluten, dairy, yeast, corn, soy and eggs.

- Take digestive enzymes with your food.

- Take probiotics, healthy bacteria for your ecosystem.

- Try taking extra omega 3 fat supplements which help cool inflammation in the gut.

- Use gut-healing nutrients such as glutamine and zinc.

If you want to be healthy, you have to get your gut working properly. Try our selection of Digestive Support products that help keep your gut healthy and get rid of digestion problems.

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