So you went to the doctor for your yearly physical and your doctor decided to do a cholesterol check on you.  You immediately panic inside because you try and avoid this.  You’re pretty sure that the diet you are following isn’t necessarily the greatest with greasy burgers, fried foods, lots of cheese; basically a diet filled with entirely too much saturated fat.  But you go and get the test anyway and you find out your total cholesterol is 215 and your triglycerides are high.  Your good cholesterol is not very good and your bad cholesterol levels are pretty high.  So what is the difference between the two? .  Did you know there are two parts to your cholesterol?  There is your LDL, which is your lousy cholesterol.  The goal is to have this number somewhere below 100 and by having it there you decrease the plaque buildup in your arteries that will cause heart attacks and heart disease.  The other part of your cholesterol is your HDL, this is also known as your happy cholesterol and this number is better the higher it is.  Over 60 is really ideal and lowers your heart disease risk.  As for triglycerides those are also fats that are in your blood that will increase your risk.

Your doctor tells you that you need to change your diet and get cholesterol supplements or better yet, a cholesterol lowering supplement, or the next step is the dreaded “statin” medication that many people hate taking. You also need to eat better. So where do you go?  Right here to Supplement Central for your cholesterol supplements and cholesterol lowering supplement needs.  In this category you will find all sorts of different cholesterol supplements aimed at helping you lower your cholesterol.   You will find things from fish oils with omega 3’s, lipid stabilizers, red yeast rice and many more.  Here are just a few of the most popular cholesterol lowering supplements.

Fish oils are a great way to help lower your triglycerides.  These are especially helpful if you don’t necessarily eat fish.  This is a great first step in keeping heart disease and stroke away.  The omega-3 that the fish oil contains is also shown to help with pain and inflammation along with a long list of other benefits.

Red yeast rice is also considered part of cholesterol supplements that just may help you as well. It is actually a substance that is extracted from rice after it is fermented.   Red yeast rice has been used in Chinese and Asian cultures for years as a traditional medicine.  They are known to be cholesterol supplements but more important, a cholesterol lowering supplement, the LDL, which is the most problematic.

There are also various fiber supplements to choose from.  Fiber has been shown to help to decrease your cholesterol as well.  Both soluble and insoluble are great but the soluble fiber is the one that has proven to help you lower cholesterol.  It has been said that by increasing your soluble fiber by anywhere from 5-10 grams can lower your cholesterol by up to 5%.  That’s a ton!

These are just a few of the supplements available here.  If you are looking for something more specific feel free to contact one of our awesome crewmembers.


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PEScience Shift 60 capsule

PEScience Shift 60 capsule

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