Primeval Labs Get Shredded Stack

Primeval Labs Get Shredded Stack
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Primeval Labs Get Shredded Stack


Primeval Labs 1 Andro Max V2 has the right ingredient makeup of 1-Andro and 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin to accelerate the process of building strength and lean muscle. 1-Andro has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, provide great fat loss, and increased strength gains. 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin increases absorption and remains in the bloodstream longer, yielding better results from supplements. Crush every workout with ease and get alittle closer to the perfect physique you are striving for.

Primeval Labs EpiAndro Max utilizes only one ingredient - the very potent and legal ingredient Epiandrosterone. In fact, EpiAndro Max has the highest dose of Epiandrosterone (100mg) available on the market today! Epiandrosterone is a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) precursor which has been shown to increase muscle strength, muscle hardness and even improve libido. It is also non-methylated so it has less toxicity and easier on the liver.

Primeval Labs Erosion is a powerful aromatase inhibitor that works to eradicate excess levels of estrogen and cortisol while improving your natural testosterone levels. Notice the word "excess". Erosion does not eliminate all estrogen, your body still needs some estrogen in the body to maintain healthy lipid levels and to gain muscle. By modulating these estrogen and cortisol, Erosion is able to put you in a much more anabolic muscle building state.


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