Myokem Magnitropin 144 capsule

Myokem Magnitropin 144 capsule
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Product Information

Myokem Magnitropin 144 capsule

We’ve all seen him. The BIGGEST, BADDEST MF’er in the gym. The guy who we all want to be. The question is how do we get there? Well unless you plan to have a liver transplant or sticking yourself with a needle, you’re S.O.L. Until now.

At MYOKEM we don’t just make fluff, bull shit products. We set out to set new industry standards. To find the BEST ingredients, providing the BEST results. And let’s face it. In this industry, everyone claims the same thing, but in reality just copies the pioneers. And “R&D” budgets? Those go into how to make their ads more appealing to the eye rather than new, innovative products.

So we set out to make the absolute BEST anabolic in the industry. We wanted to make something that rivals some of the best anabolic s out there. ALL WHILE BEING NATURAL AND SAFE. And that’s one bold ass statement.

Now don’t get me wrong, this was no easy task. We’ve spent 2+ years tweaking this formula to match what others choose not to do.

Magnitropin™ Ingredients:

Paederia Foetida Extract (20:1): Studies have shown this herb to have numerous benefits, including its use in ayurvedic medicine as a sexual stimulant, and having a positive effect on sperm production and physical strength. Increases in lean body mass were also observed in clinical studies as well.

Gentiana Lutea Extract (10:1): Also known as “bitter root,” this herb is often used as a digestive tonic, as it stimulates saliva production as well as hydrochloric acid in the stomach, gallbladder, and liver. This serves to potentially increase appetite.

Cistanche Deserticola Extract (20:1): This herb has shown to improve performance, muscle growth and recovery while boosting the immune system. It also mimics the effects of testosterone.

(-)-Epicatechin: this flavonoid has shown to reduce myostatin and increase follistatin in humans and has shown to increase strength and endurance. You deserve to take products that back up their claims. Don’t take another “natural anabolic” and simply hope it will work; take a product you know will work and help you reach your goals. Feel confident that this product will help you achieve that alpha look to go with that alpha feeling.

What Magnitropin is going to do for you:

- Increase appetite
- Increase exercise performance
- Reduce myostatin
- Increase muscle growth
- Increase libido

Consider the game changed. We’ve set the bar higher than ever before. Never again will you look at a natural anabolic the same. Order yours today.1


TRAINING DAYS: Take 3 capsules, twice daily with food. For best results, take 3 capsules with breakfast and 3 capsules with pre-workout meal.

NON-TRAINING DAYS: Take 3 capsules twice daily with food. Use for six (6) days consecutively, then one (1) day off. DO NOT EXCEED 6 CAPSULES IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD. Drink plenty of water during training to avoid dehydration. DUE TO EXTREME POTENCY, DO NOT TAKE FOR LONGER THAN 8 WEEKS BEFORE DISCONTINUING FOR A MINIMUM OF 4 WEEKS. Store in a cool dry place. Discard after expiration date.

Warning: This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. Before using this or any product, seek the advice of a physician or licensed health care professional especially if you are taking any or over-the counter medication or other dietary supplement product or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Specifically DO NOT take if you have or are at risk for high or low blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, seizure disorders, diabetes, kidney, liver or thyroid disease, migraine headaches, asthma, psychiatric disease, HIV, AIDS, dermatitis, have difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement, or if you are taking a MAO inhibitor, consuming any other product containing stimulants including ephedrine, ephedrine alkaloids, pseudoephedrine or phenylpropanolamine or are prone to dehydration or are exposed to excessive heat. DO NOT exceed the recommended serving under any condition as it will not increase benefits. This product should be used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. Before beginning any weight loss program, consult your health care professional. Discontinue use and call a health care professional immediately if you experience any adverse reaction including rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, shortness of breath, or similar symptoms. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Sterate, Silica, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1: Individual results may vary. Reviews are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size 3 capsule(s)
Servings Per Container 48
Amount Per Serving
MagnitropinTM Proprietary Matrix: 2166 g
Paederia foetida extract (20:1) *
Cistanche deserticola extract (20:1) *
Gentiana lutea extract (10:1) *
(-)-Epicatechin *
Black pepper extract (std. min. 95% Piperine) (fruit) *


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