get diesel nutrition

get diesel nutrition

Between 2001-2002 I have competed in 4 bodybuilding shows (missed one because of a “vacation” to the middle east), was polygraphed 3 times, took 6 Urinary Analysis (4 NPC, 2 US Air Force), 10 UA’s in the last 7 years, and never failed once! 129lbs to 206lbs- that's a 77lb+ gain of lean muscle mass, in 7 years, 100% drug free. I don't see any scientist, doctors, CEO’s, or employees of any supplement company that can report stats better than that!

Chuck Diesel is a powerlifter (semi-retired) and an NPC bodybuilder. In 1999 I took first place at the Colorado State Bench Press Championships in the Jr. division/Best in the West, and overall best lifter award in the teen/junior division at both contest (374lb bench press, at 176lbs, RAW!). Not too bad for a lifetime drug free 23 year old bencher at his second meet ever.

Once I decided to look into how much is would cost to manufacture my own supplements when I got out the USAF, I found out that this would be something I could do and remain in the AF. So I sold the house, took the equity and recently started GET DIESEL NUTRITION, while remaining in the AF. I am anxious to see how the public reacts to supplements made by a powerlifter/bodybuilder that can out perform any other supplement when it comes to manufacturing quality (All Get Diesel Nutrition supplements are manufactured in accordance with GMP standards, in a pharmaceutical environment, and Get Diesel Nutrition products that I sell conform to USP standards for weight).

That's going above and beyond. If you are going to do it, you have to do it right, you have to put out products that are so original, and effective, that all the other companies, don't dare to bootleg your products or bad talk you in an ad. Its not about making the sell, its about getting those consumers to come back again and again, and getting them to know that when they see- formulated by Chuck Diesel, they know they are not getting a half a** product.

I hope you do not leave it to executives at supplement company X that pay IFBB "juice crew all-stars" to take pictures all oiled up in the gym, while the caption reads: "formula-x works just like the juice, there is no way I would be 5'7" at 230lbs, 3% body fat without it." to give you honest advice on supplements! Most of these execs have probably never set foot in a "real gym," they probably don't use half the stuff they are pushing to you. I am not saying Get Diesel Nutrition products are the best in the world, I am just saying you probably will not find supplements that exceed GET DIESEL NUTRITION's effectiveness from start to finish, with honest representation, any where in the world. The guess work is done.